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TECAIRE roasters and driers are used for granulated, mainly dry, food products. The most common of these are coffee (Arabica and Robusta), cocoa (beans and nibs), cereals, seeds and grains, again mostly dry (not soaked). The drying and roasting processes can be adjusted using temperature gradient and processing time equipment controls. One machine can process various products in different processing cycles.
TECAIRE roasters and driers use a roasting drum/cylinder, which dehydrates, dries, sterilises and roasts the product by introducing heat, mostly by convection and partly by conduction, in processing cycles. Processing cycle duration varies according to the degree of drying, sterilisation and roasting the product requires.
The laboratory equipment has a drying or roasting range between 20 and 80 kg/h. The industrial equipment have a roasting range up to 3.000 kg/h
TNA models are used for homogeneous (uniform) and pure granulated products. They allow slightly shorter processing cycles and larger volumes. The product should be pure, and no other products can be added during the drying or roasting process. TTA models are used for heterogeneous, variable granulated products and enable various products to be processed at the same time, although they are perfectly suited to homogeneous (uniform), pure products too. Processing cycles are slightly longer, and volumes slightly smaller, which allows two or more products to be mixed during the roasting process.
Electronic modulating atmospheric burners with low pollutant emissions. The burners can be powered by gas or diesel, and there is no difference in process quality between the energy sources.
The grinders are mainly suited to pure coffee and coffee roasted with sugar (torrefacto). Other common uses are for grinding spices, seeds and added-sugar products.
Yes, although the drying/roasting equipment and grinders have a defined capacity, the silos and belts that make up the rest of the processing line can be customised, as processing capacity, end product type and packaging type should all be adjustable.
Most projects are carried out in countries where there is approved local technical support, which guarantees rapid service, in the local language and in the local time zone. Over 90% of TECAIRE equipment parts are standard, so spares are available through local suppliers, minimising technical support time where possible.
Yes, training for equipment operatives and the engineering staff who support them is guaranteed, before the project is implemented, during equipment manufacture and installation, at commissioning and project delivery, and when equipment is updated. There are also technical visits throughout the lifetime of the equipment.
Equipment can usually be modified for new technologies that improve product efficiency, whether electronic equipment, or electrical or mechanical components. The machinery often tends to be made for a specific initial product but, over time, other products also need to be processed, so equipment can be updated and renewed to allow more potential uses.

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